Queen Elizabeth’s message from Philip inside her wedding ring

Queen Elizabeth’s passing has left an entire nation in mourning. The late monarch reigned in Britain for and incredible 70 years, and had her beloved husband, Philip, by her side for 69 of them. Her Majesty experienced a very rough period when she lost her longtime husband last year. Prince Philip was 99 at the time, and one look back at their love story makes it clear that he and Elizabeth had a wonderful marriage and life together.

When they tied the knot, Queen Elizabeth reportedly received a personal and secret message from Philip that was engraved in her wedding ring. By all accounts, no one but the two royals and the jeweler has reportedly seen. Now, though, following her passing, one of her biggest secrets is most likely to be revealed. Over the years, there have been several love stories within the royal family that have brought royal fans to tears. Not because they have ended, but rather because they have been nothing short of adorable.

As is tradition, Queen Elizabeth wore a Welsh gold wedding ring after her royal wedding in 1947. However, Philip had a special and secret message engraved on its inner side. Only three people know what the inscription read; Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and the jeweler. “She never takes it off and inside the ring is an inscription. No one knows what it says, other than the engraver, the Queen, and her husband,” Ingrid Seward, author of Prince Philip: Revealedreportedly said.

Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring – made from pure Welsh gold from the Clogau St. David’s gold mine – features a fantastic stone, estimated at three carats. It is flanked by smaller pavé diamonds – and is said to be worth more than $175,000. For the Queen, it was, of course, priceless.

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