Our Story

At Louisville Daily Post, we believe that an informed public is essential to solving the challenges of our time. As reader-supported and nonprofit news site, the Louisville Daily Post strives to provide readers with the facts and analysis they need to intelligently participate in civic discourse, and to create a more just, equitable and sustainable society. Louisville Daily Journal is a service for all the people in Louisville and other local areas. The Louisville Daily Post is a family-owned company headquartered in Louisville, KY.

Louisville Daily Post subscribes to a consistent list of principles that serve as the company’s core values:

  • We will provide credible and compelling information and services to our customers.
  • We will remain an independent and family-owned company.
  • We will constantly improve our services through innovative approaches to how we conduct our job.
  • We value honesty and integrity in all of our reports.
  • We will strive to improve the quality of life in our local community.

Louisville Daily Post is your best choice for Louisville local news, offering fresh and frequent stories, blog commentary, updates and calendar listings focused solely on Louisville, KY and the other local areas.

We are community journalism with the boundaries pushed. The prose refined. We are hungry to be different, to be professional, to be better than we were last week. Our stories remain. They are all that matter.

Stories are why we keep scribbling notes and scrubbing facts. We want you to learn about the amazing city, county or state, sure, but we also want you to learn something about yourself.

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