Parents left in shock, take action after seeing what nurse did to their baby daughter!

Per reports, the newborn reportedly suffered second-degree burns. The baby’s parents said their daughter was supposed to be getting a PKU test, which is a routine blood-draw for newborns. But what happened next left them in shock. “My baby has second-degree burns on her foot and ankle and now we are just trying to get her treated,” Spencer, the baby’s father, reportedly. “They got a diaper and filled it full of water and put it in the microwave and then applied to my baby’s ankle and foot, which caused second-degree, severe second-degree, burns.”

The nurse taking care of the baby allegedly slapped the wet, hot diaper on the baby’s heel before pricking her with a needle and drawing blood. The child’s dad decided to take legal action against the hospital, hiring attorney T. Culberson to represent him. “The nurse took a diaper, wet it and put in a microwave and then put it on the baby’s heel and hurt the heel,” Culberson said. “I’ve been representing children with injuries for 16 years and I’ve never heard of this happening.”

Several social media users were outraged with the nurse’s actions. “The nurse is obviously incompetent. She should be reported to the State Board of Nursing where she will most likely lose her nursing license,” wrote one Facebook user. “Parents should sue because no competent nurse would ever do this and should also sue the hospital. This poor infant. Prayers for full recovery.”

“The nurse who did this should have her license pull for life,” wrote another. “I have to have warm compresses in order for them to draw blood, and no one has ever heated the towel it in a microwave.” “She should be fired and her license should be taken away. Hope they get the treatment they need, free of course and some money for what the hospital did into the baby,” commented another user. “Shame they couldn’t be right without attorneys involved.” Dear readers, we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that show child abuse has significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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