Baby’s bruises kept getting worse, ‘when parents found out the truth, it was too late’!

As all parents know, babies do not come with instructions. Well, most parents certainly wish they did, especially when a baby is sick. As babies grow, babies are exposed to infectious agents that may cause colds and other illnesses. A change in behavior may be one of the first signs that your baby isn’t feeling well. Although your baby’s activity level, appetite, and cries will vary from day to day, even hour to hour, a distinct change in any of these areas may signal illness. Unfortunately, when both parents discovered the truth, it was too late. 

According to her parents, baby Kia reportedly had to have all her limbs amputated to save her life. Mother Vikki and dad Paul said that their baby was struck down by the worst case of meningitis when she was just 9 months old. Her case was so severe she had to have all four limbs amputated, suffered irreversible brain damage and doctors thought she may never be able to see or hear again. She spent eight months in General Infirmary fighting the illness and its devastating aftereffects.

According to the parents, if treatment is delayed because symptoms of meningitis are mistaken there can be devastating consequences and the family now know this only too well. Just 12 hours after that doctor’s appointment, the little baby was rushed to the hospital after her dad went to check on her in the night and noticed she had bruises on her face. The doctors told the parents that by the time that rash appears it’s a sign it may already be too late. By the time paramedics arrived Kia’s veins had collapsed and medication had to be administered by drilling a hole in her shin.

As time went on the only thing that could save Kia was to amputate both her arms and legs. She was in hospital for eight months while she struggled to survive and Vikki and Paul struggled to be a family. Vikki said: “We are so thankful Kia is alive. We struggle but she is here to be loved and that is amazing. “I cannot believe she is now three-years-old and is about to start nursery, while we were there, spending all that time in hospital I didn’t dare think that we would see the day.

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