Mother hears doctors gasp moments after delivering her babies, looked down and quickly realized why!

We all love miracles, right? Well yes, but unfortunately, if they’re not captured on video or told to the world, they are not known. Although they change the lives of those who experience these little miracles, the rest of the world isn’t privileged to the information. Luckily, some people share their small miracles on social media to get other people excited about the experiences in their lives. This amazing and brave mom, Sarah, had twins and decided to open up about her experience in the delivery room. When babies are born, moms come to expect to hear them cry. But instead of hearing the cries when her twins were born, Sarah heard her doctors gasp. And that stunned her. She was on the other side of the screen for her C-section, so she couldn’t see why the doctors were stunned.

But the reason for their shock was not a bad thing. Her twins were fine. But the way they came out of mom left the professionals in the delivery room in awe of the miracle. That is when the obstetrician lifted the twins out. Not separately. But as a pair. This is not standard practice. But the twins would not release each other no matter how hard the doctor pried at their little hands. And then the doctor lifted the twin girls up over the screen. As soon as Sarah laid eyes on her beautiful newborn girls, she burst into tears.

But soon her tears of joy let way for laughter. The little girls already had so much attitude and love. They were in each other’s arms. When she was just 19 weeks pregnant, Sarah learned that her twins were monoamniotic. In other words, they share a placenta. Because they share the life-giving source, they are at higher risk. Many “mo-mo” twins don’t survive. Their mortality rate is as high as 50 percent. At 33 weeks in her pregnancy, Sarah went in for the scheduled C-section. By that time, she had already been on bed rest for the last 57 days. Because her girls were mo-mo twins, Sarah knew that they’d likely need additional medical care after delivery – if they survived. That’s why she was terrified when the doctors gasped at the moment of birth.

The babies came out of Sarah holding hands. Having shared the placenta throughout their gestation, they already had a close bond. And as if they knew they were being born and starting the grand adventure of life, they decided to enter the world hand-in-hand. The sight was too beautiful for words. Thankfully someone captured the scene in a photo. “My heart just melted. Even my husband got tears in his eyes. I don’t know that anybody in the room had a dry eye,” Sarah said. Now Sarah calls her twin girls “two peas in a pod.” She added, “If one twin is crying, the other will try to find a way to comfort her, like going to find a pacifier or rubbing the other’s back or offering a hug. Twins have this special bond, and I can’t wait to watch them grow up and be best friends.”

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