Churchill Downs COVID-19 drive-thru remains busy

LOUISVILLE, KY- As the COVID-19 cases rise, the staff at Bluewater Diagnostics Lab at Churchill Downs has their hands full.

They are managing to do 800 to 1200 tests every day. Wait times are 10-20 minutes.

There is an increased positivity rate this past week with 42%.

This facility makes it easier for the people as they don’t have to go to a health care facility to get tested. People from the surrounding communities are also using the testing site.

“I think we’re really alleviating that rush in the ERs and that’s just, I think, super important because then people that are in the emergency rooms, they can get the treatment they need and we can take care of these just in a drive-thru situation,” Dana English, with Bluewater Diagnostics, said.

The site is expected to stay open through mid-February.

Those wishing to get tested at the Churchill Downs site must register in advance by clicking here.

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