He couldn’t figure out what was clogging his drain, but ‘when he took it apart his heart stopped’!

Drains can collect some strange things down in them that lead to tough blockages. And, according to plumbers, there are a couple of usual suspects: hair, food waste, grease, fats, soap scum, and small objects like bottle caps accidentally tipped over into the sink. But, in this case, something very unusual clogged the drain and left everyone stunned. According to the homeowner, his house started undergoing renovations and the plumbing in the house was being systematically replaced.

One of the workers was cutting down segments of pipe and dropping them to the ground. Unfortunately, one of the pipes seemed clogged when it dropped. The worker took a closer look and saw that a python was lodged inside and immobile (SEE PHOTO). It appears the python was traveling through the pipe and decided to change directions at some point. The snake then became stuck in the pipe attempting to turn fully around. An animal rescuer name Rowan was contacted.

Rowan decided to do everything possible to help the python. He took the snake in the pipe to his home. He managed to break open the pipe and release the snake. Unfortunately, the python was not moving or responding to stimuli. This is when Rowan gave the python a warm bath and placed the snake into a heated, enclosed area to heal. The python did eventually start to move and act normal again, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Rowan delivered the python to the Wildlife Hospital. The snake will make a full recovery with a little more time. It will eventually be released back into the wild once healthy enough. The entire sequence of lucky events from going into a home undergoing renovations to not being cut in half by a workers saw likely saved the life of the python.

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