Young boy whispers heart-wrenching words right before he died, then police revealed the ‘stunning truth’ about his mother!

According to the police officials, the young victim reportedly told his last words to an investigator in the hospital. The boy’s father reportedly awoke to his son’s screams and found his boy bleeding to death in his bed. The boy’s father immediately called 911 to report the incident and claimed to have found the boy’s estranged mother, Mary, unconscious in another room after suffering from a self-inflicted stab wound to her own chest. According to the police officials, the mom pulled through and her condition was stabilized. Before the incident, the mother was reportedly suffering from mental health problems and had allegedly been abusing her 11-year-old son Bruce.

There were reports from at least two incidents related to abuse between the mother and her son. The young boy reportedly died from multiple stab wounds. Per reports, Bruce managed to tell authorities who did it before he passed away and now his mom is going to jail for killing her son. Bruce was stabbed in his own bed at his father’s home but managed to alert authorities to his killer right before he died from the multiple stab wounds. When medics arrived at the scene, they rushed to help the pair of stab victims.

They arrived at the property around 1 am and brought both Mary and her son to a nearby hospital. However, the young stab victim died from his injuries and was pronounced dead at 4:19 am that same morning. The mother pulled through and her condition was stabilized. But since her son managed to alert authorities to how she had stabbed him, she was arrested on a charge of first-degree murder after she was relocated to another hospital. 

The Sheriff’s Office said: “He found his son in his room, lying on the bed suffering from stab wounds. He went to call 911 when he discovered Mary was also stabbed, but she was unconscious in another room. Mary suffered self-inflicted stab wounds to her chest. Bruce was conscious upon arriving at the hospital, where he spoke with the investigator, advising his mom, Mary, had stabbed him.” Before the murder, Mary had been separated from her son for about forty days. She was desperate to see her boy. The boy’s father allowed Mary to visit them while their divorce went through. That’s when the attack occurred.

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