The snow will pass Louisville Metro, but the roads are still icy due to rain

LOUISVILLE, KY- Even though the snow will go around Louisville Metro, the weather remains frigid and makes the road conditions undesirable.

Thursday morning commute is expected to be slick, as the rain is expected to turn to ice.

“Usually we would have pre-treated the roadways with brine had it been dry but since there’s going to be rain, it would be a pointless step to take because it would be washed away by the rain,” Metro Public Works’ Sal Melendez said. “We have to wait for those first raindrops to fall so that that has some moisture on the surface so that when we go straight to rock salt spreading that moisture allows that rock salt to remain on the surfaces. When the rain changes into sleet, it’s already on the surface and it starts breaking it down causing it instead of ice, to turn to slush.”

They are asking the residents to drive carefully, as while they are doing their best on the roads, there still could be icy roads, including on elevated roadways.

With the freezing temperatures, nonprofit volunteers, The Forgotten Louisville, tried to help the homeless with meals and toiletry items.

“We stuff our cars; I take care of coordinating what everyone has,” Glinda Adkins, with The Forgotten Louisville.

This organization says they are doing as much as they can to give a bit of warmth to the homeless, so they could survive the night.

“Knowing that tonight we’re going to get enough heat and enough supplies that they’re going to make it through tomorrow, and another outreach group that can come, it’s a huge burden off of my heart,” Adkins said.

The officials alert that the motorists should drive slowly to avoid accidents because a couple of weeks ago when the first measurable snow fell, there was a number of accidents due to fast driving.

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