Doctors urged parents to take their brain dead daughter off life support, ‘then one man pays her a visit’!

According to the parents, the doctors told them that they should pull the plug after years of waiting for their daughter to open her eyes. Almost four years later, they were told she had reached a medical ‘point of no return.’ Their 17-year-old daughter, Taylor, had officially been declared clinically brain-dead. Unfortunately, her family had endured several years of their daughter being kept alive only by medical equipment, after she fell into a coma following a tragic accident. The young girl fell from the hood of a car and suffered a brain hemorrhage that resulted in a coma.

When doctors admitted that the teen’s brain had turned to mush, they urged the parents to take her off life support. They said she was brain dead and that there was no more use in trying. During an interview, the parents said that as they were facing a life and death decision and deciding whether to donate her organs, along with contemplating the details of their daughter’s funeral, one man entered the room. The man, Jeff, told the parents that he felt moved to do a more important job as a prayer warrior for Taylor and for them. He stopped by the teen’s hospital room and asked her parents if he could pray with them over their comatose daughter. 

After first telling him that there was nothing he could do for her and claiming she was too far gone, the desperate parents accepted his offer. He placed his hand on Taylor’s neck and pleaded to his Savior to spare the young girl’s life. The emotional moment came to an end and Stickel slipped back out of the room, leaving the girl with her parents in the same condition she was prior to his prayer session with them.

Later that day came the moment that Taylor’s parents had to officially accept her fate, and they decided it was time to remove her from life support. Physicians unplugged the the wires that had sustained her, until she was completely detached from the machine that had kept her alive all this time. It was only a matter of minutes before Taylor would succumb to her condition. Then there was a gasp. Shortly after the last plug was pulled, Taylor drew breath on her own. Her first breath transpired into more independent signs of improvement, with each hour that passed from that point forward. “(H)er brain activity picked up, her eyelids were aflutter, and for the first time in a week she was trying to talk,” per reports.

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