CCSO: Mom and two daughters killed in car crash with deputy on Mother’s Day

Charleston County, S.C. – According to reports, three 3 women lost their lives in a car crash on Sunday night. It has since then been revealed that the crash was in a collision with a Charleston County deputy.

The crash proved fatal for 53-year-old mother Stephanie Dantzler, and her daughters Shanice Dantzler-Williams, 28 and Miranda Dantzler-Williams, 22. The trio lost their lives on Mother’s Day which makes the entire ordeal all the more sad.

Charleston County Sheriff Kristin Graziano issued a statement for the incident.

The statement reads, “Our hearts are broken for the family of Stephanie, Shanice and Miranda. A member of my executive staff, a chaplain and I have met with the family, and CCSO is continuing to offer support. This is a tragic loss for our community. We are committed to reviewing our response policies to ensure we are doing our best to serve the public.”

The crash happened at Savannah Highway at New Road. The accident happened when Charleston County Deputy Emily Pelletier was responding to a call in the area. She was driving her patrol cruiser when the collision occurred.

Deputy Pelletier suffered only from minor injuries and was released from the hospital soon after. She has currently been placed on administrative leave with pay as the matter is being investigated by the Sheriff’s office. This kind of investigation happens to be routine for incidents like serious deputy-involved collisions.

Deputies Jonathon Rand and Joy DeSomber who were controlling traffic because of the earlier collision were also involved in a collision later on the same night.

DeSomber was released from the hospital soon after but Rand was kept at the hospital for more time to treat his injuries.

The late Shanice Dantzler-Williams was a YouTuber and uploaded often. Her fans and well-wishers are having a hard time accepting that she is gone.

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